im Backkkkkkkkkk

I’m alive!!!!!!!!!!!! Sry for starting the prologue to an episode of “Dissappeared” but my first job has kind of taken over my life.

  • My research program/ job has me paid via part time, I believe I’m pulling over 40 hours a week. Because of the power dynamic, and the fact I like my job, I can’t really complain.
  • Curious: I went into the girls bathroom stall and found a toilet with urine, but NO toilet paper! #how?????
  • I will take the “I won’t care until it really matters” approach to Donald Trump that John Green is.
  • My lab job is totally new to me. I’m sort of around condescending people though… It makes asking questions harder, but I’m doing it.
  • I feel mean. I have two friends (!) actually asking me to hangout but becuz I don’t have a car and don’t want to cause issues to my parents (who drive me) I say no ūüė¶ 
  • Nanalew (YouTube) posted a video about why she didn’t hav a bf. It speaks to me cuz I’m in the same boat, but not totally sad about it. I might expand on this idea… 
  • Damn, I’m re watching “Ergo Proxy” for the third time. Why does it speak to me?
  • The more water I drink, the more thirsty I become… OMG that wasn’t the innuendo it totally sounds like guys.
  • “Bravely Default” has spoiled me from all other jRPGs. It was SO good. The ending could’ve been fleshed out more and the whole after chp.5 thing was a tad too repetitive, but DAMN.
  • I’ve done 6 med school secondaries. I’ve got 5 to go, but it’s SO hard. Today! I will do it mostly today! Send by Monday! Ugh

Why I’m Stressed out

So this is how I am today as I try and study for my 5 chapter anatomy test that is this Monday. You might wonder why it’s such a big deal to stress out now as I will have around four more days to work.

Well for one thing, I’m trying to have a life. My social life might be next to nonexistent, but if I can actually go out for a couple of hours or just chill in front of the TV sue me!


I also have to write a 15+ paper on the Muscular system AND study for a biology lab test (both of which are due on next Wednesday and Thursday consecutively). I’ve go no time and I’m ADD right now. That’s how I find myself on word press blogging and not memorizing.


I hate memorizing. Its repetitive and monotonous…

Okay, rant over ūüôā Till next time (which considering my workload might be a few days…)



Why Stereotypes Bum Me Out

Okay when you see this picture of an asian male you immediately think this right?

A young man destined to be a straight A college graduate going on to medical school right? Don’t deny it, we all do it. Even I stereotype without meaning to.


But when you look at the big picture, and I mean really¬†look at it, you realize that stereotyping just doesn’t work. I actually do have an asian friend who is going into pre mend, she isn’t a straight A student, and her parents aren’t disowning her for that.


The fact is, the world is just too big, and we are just too small and ignorant. You may think that you have grasped a culture you see in the United States, but have you actually gone out and visited the countries where that cultured originated from? Chances are, you haven’t.


I think the key to beating stereotypes is just to take people as they are on an individual basis. Sure this isn’t as fun as lumping everyone together in that elusive pronoun phrase “everyone says this” or “everyone does that”, but its very important to try this. It shows growth as an open-minded tolerant human being.

Your thoughts?

I’ll see your all tomorrow!



Why I Still Play Pokemon DS Games

So I know I’m not the only person on the face of the earth who actually plays these games, and is over the age of 12. I know it, you know it, my family sometimes doesn’t get it though.

Ginette your too old to be buying $30 Pokemon games!”

Well, mother-who-I’m-imagining-speaking-right-now, I’m actually not. According to¬†Takeshi Kawachimaru (A man hugely involved with the franchise), ¬†he describes the Pok√©mon universe as “a very specific world, but I think players feel comfortable in that world. And they want to keep going back,¬†because¬†it feels so comfortable.”

He’s absolutely right! As a person who loves to escape reality, I totally dig the option of becoming a Pokemon Master and raising some easy-to-raise pet type creatures to kick evil butt.

Also, who can deny the cute graphics and the fun nostalgia that you get playing these games!

So, lets just say that I’m going to forever have a small sum of money set aside to purchase my classic pokemon games. I just won’t be caught in public playing them with the volume fully up…

What’s your video game dirty little secret?

See you tomorrow!


New Segment: What Were They Thinking???

So this new writing segment I’ve come up with is about when I find something on a label that I find weird, creative, or just awesome.

This weeks segment will focus on an art related product. I’m actually an art student (among other things) so I have to buy a lot of cheap decent paint (student budget).

During my using art haul I managed to grab the:

Reeves 18-Milliliter Oil Color Set, 18-Pack

for only, ONLY, $9.50! I was excited. That was really cheap! I almost didn’t go for it at Michaels because some “person” put the set under a price tag of $49 bucks!

this is what the paints look like, pretty nice I’d say!

Anyway, what I found utterly hilarious about this product was the names of the paints on the back of the box.

  • Titanium white: I thought Titanium was a silver-metal? This color is just plain white.
  • Lemon yellow: Because a yellow isn’t yellow unless its a Lemon yellow.
  • Medium yellow: Because the Easy yellow is a lemon and the Hard yellow is orange apparently.
  • Orange: That’s it? No Orange orange?
  • Flesh tint: I though that was considered racist? i.e. crayola crayons changed to the term “Peach”…¬†
  • Brilliant red: Because poor orange isn’t good enough to be brilliant.
  • Crimson: Like blood I suppose?
  • Violet: Decent.
  • Phthalo blue: Phtha- What? “Google search”:¬†¬†“a cyclic blue-green organic pigment” Okay that makes more sense?
  • Ultramarine: Fine, a darker blue. Like the ocean?¬†
  • Permanent green light: Okay what the heck? How is it more permanent than the other colors? How is it a light?¬†
  • Sap green: This one’s a little sappy I think, Punny? No? oh…
  • Viridian hue: I just remember the Viridian forest in Pokemon Red…
  • Yellow ochre: Yellow brown color, I get this one.
  • Burnt sienna: Sienna¬†is a form of limonite clay…on fire?
  • Burnt umber: Umber is a¬†natural brown clay pigment… on fire as well?¬†
  • Paynes’ grey: “The colour is named after¬†William Payne, who painted¬†watercolours¬†in the late 18th century.”¬†Okay, makes sense.
  • Ivory black: Just a tad redundant.
Anyway, I get that it’s helpful for artists to have some extra terms added to a color to better label the nuances… but still. Some of these names are just really too much, especially for the non-painter.
So I hoped you enjoyed this first blog post and I will see you all tomorrow!

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