Why Stereotypes Bum Me Out

Okay when you see this picture of an asian male you immediately think this right?

A young man destined to be a straight A college graduate going on to medical school right? Don’t deny it, we all do it. Even I stereotype without meaning to.


But when you look at the big picture, and I mean really look at it, you realize that stereotyping just doesn’t work. I actually do have an asian friend who is going into pre mend, she isn’t a straight A student, and her parents aren’t disowning her for that.


The fact is, the world is just too big, and we are just too small and ignorant. You may think that you have grasped a culture you see in the United States, but have you actually gone out and visited the countries where that cultured originated from? Chances are, you haven’t.


I think the key to beating stereotypes is just to take people as they are on an individual basis. Sure this isn’t as fun as lumping everyone together in that elusive pronoun phrase “everyone says this” or “everyone does that”, but its very important to try this. It shows growth as an open-minded tolerant human being.

Your thoughts?

I’ll see your all tomorrow!



About tryingtoknowthyself

So I'm just a girl, whose a student, who enjoys parts of Detroit, and still lives with her parents. I also enjoys art, philosophy, and writing. Let the awkward adolescent commentary begin!

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