Why I’m Stressed out

So this is how I am today as I try and study for my 5 chapter anatomy test that is this Monday. You might wonder why it’s such a big deal to stress out now as I will have around four more days to work.

Well for one thing, I’m trying to have a life. My social life might be next to nonexistent, but if I can actually go out for a couple of hours or just chill in front of the TV sue me!


I also have to write a 15+ paper on the Muscular system AND study for a biology lab test (both of which are due on next Wednesday and Thursday consecutively). I’ve go no time and I’m ADD right now. That’s how I find myself on word press blogging and not memorizing.


I hate memorizing. Its repetitive and monotonous…

Okay, rant over 🙂 Till next time (which considering my workload might be a few days…)




About tryingtoknowthyself

So I'm just a girl, whose a student, who enjoys parts of Detroit, and still lives with her parents. I also enjoys art, philosophy, and writing. Let the awkward adolescent commentary begin!

7 responses to “Why I’m Stressed out

  1. Oh boy, I know what you mean about the workload. I know this post was a bit back, but oh my gosh. Homework is the reason I find myself on wordpress 90% of the time. Oh I have a paper to write, better go on wp. Oh, I have some things to study…wordpress. Haha.

    Hopefully those papers went well! And you changed your blog by the way!! Looks good 🙂 Funny thing, I was just in Detroit this last weekend, stayed at the GM building and everything!

    • Disregard the “Oh you changed your blog” Totally my bad…did not realize you had two blogs… *facepalm

    • Hahaha thanks! Yeah the homework back then was handled, but I have four papers due next week so I can’t really win haha
      Yeah I decided to go in a different route with the blog. I like it more and its easier to write. I didn’t really have much direction in the beginning 🙂

      • Oh my god…4 papers?! I wish you the best. But you’ll be fine haha. I remember when I had those days. Darn professors wanted to make everything due within days of each other…

        But as for your blog though, I felt the same way. I had no idea what I wanted to write about, all I knew is that I started a blog (big mistake haha) and now it was too late to delete it. But the more I wrote, the more I found the topics I liked to write about. So it just matters with time and practice I guess.

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