im Backkkkkkkkkk

I’m alive!!!!!!!!!!!! Sry for starting the prologue to an episode of “Dissappeared” but my first job has kind of taken over my life.

  • My research program/ job has me paid via part time, I believe I’m pulling over 40 hours a week. Because of the power dynamic, and the fact I like my job, I can’t really complain.
  • Curious: I went into the girls bathroom stall and found a toilet with urine, but NO toilet paper! #how?????
  • I will take the “I won’t care until it really matters” approach to Donald Trump that John Green is.
  • My lab job is totally new to me. I’m sort of around condescending people though… It makes asking questions harder, but I’m doing it.
  • I feel mean. I have two friends (!) actually asking me to hangout but becuz I don’t have a car and don’t want to cause issues to my parents (who drive me) I say no 😦 
  • Nanalew (YouTube) posted a video about why she didn’t hav a bf. It speaks to me cuz I’m in the same boat, but not totally sad about it. I might expand on this idea… 
  • Damn, I’m re watching “Ergo Proxy” for the third time. Why does it speak to me?
  • The more water I drink, the more thirsty I become… OMG that wasn’t the innuendo it totally sounds like guys.
  • “Bravely Default” has spoiled me from all other jRPGs. It was SO good. The ending could’ve been fleshed out more and the whole after chp.5 thing was a tad too repetitive, but DAMN.
  • I’ve done 6 med school secondaries. I’ve got 5 to go, but it’s SO hard. Today! I will do it mostly today! Send by Monday! Ugh