New Segment: What Were They Thinking???

So this new writing segment I’ve come up with is about when I find something on a label that I find weird, creative, or just awesome.

This weeks segment will focus on an art related product. I’m actually an art student (among other things) so I have to buy a lot of cheap decent paint (student budget).

During my using art haul I managed to grab the:

Reeves 18-Milliliter Oil Color Set, 18-Pack

for only, ONLY, $9.50! I was excited. That was really cheap! I almost didn’t go for it at Michaels because some “person” put the set under a price tag of $49 bucks!

this is what the paints look like, pretty nice I’d say!

Anyway, what I found utterly hilarious about this product was the names of the paints on the back of the box.

  • Titanium white: I thought Titanium was a silver-metal? This color is just plain white.
  • Lemon yellow: Because a yellow isn’t yellow unless its a Lemon yellow.
  • Medium yellow: Because the Easy yellow is a lemon and the Hard yellow is orange apparently.
  • Orange: That’s it? No Orange orange?
  • Flesh tint: I though that was considered racist? i.e. crayola crayons changed to the term “Peach”… 
  • Brilliant red: Because poor orange isn’t good enough to be brilliant.
  • Crimson: Like blood I suppose?
  • Violet: Decent.
  • Phthalo blue: Phtha- What? “Google search”:  “a cyclic blue-green organic pigment” Okay that makes more sense?
  • Ultramarine: Fine, a darker blue. Like the ocean? 
  • Permanent green light: Okay what the heck? How is it more permanent than the other colors? How is it a light? 
  • Sap green: This one’s a little sappy I think, Punny? No? oh…
  • Viridian hue: I just remember the Viridian forest in Pokemon Red…
  • Yellow ochre: Yellow brown color, I get this one.
  • Burnt sienna: Sienna is a form of limonite clay…on fire?
  • Burnt umber: Umber is a natural brown clay pigment… on fire as well? 
  • Paynes’ grey: “The colour is named after William Payne, who painted watercolours in the late 18th century.” Okay, makes sense.
  • Ivory black: Just a tad redundant.
Anyway, I get that it’s helpful for artists to have some extra terms added to a color to better label the nuances… but still. Some of these names are just really too much, especially for the non-painter.
So I hoped you enjoyed this first blog post and I will see you all tomorrow!