Why I Still Play Pokemon DS Games

So I know I’m not the only person on the face of the earth who actually plays these games, and is over the age of 12. I know it, you know it, my family sometimes doesn’t get it though.

Ginette your too old to be buying $30 Pokemon games!”

Well, mother-who-I’m-imagining-speaking-right-now, I’m actually not. According to Takeshi Kawachimaru (A man hugely involved with the franchise),  he describes the Pokémon universe as “a very specific world, but I think players feel comfortable in that world. And they want to keep going back, because it feels so comfortable.”

He’s absolutely right! As a person who loves to escape reality, I totally dig the option of becoming a Pokemon Master and raising some easy-to-raise pet type creatures to kick evil butt.

Also, who can deny the cute graphics and the fun nostalgia that you get playing these games!

So, lets just say that I’m going to forever have a small sum of money set aside to purchase my classic pokemon games. I just won’t be caught in public playing them with the volume fully up…

What’s your video game dirty little secret?

See you tomorrow!